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2022 Awards Coming Soon &
your reviews are your entry ticket!

About the awards

RateMyagent has announced it’s second annual U.S. based Agent of the Year Awards. Winners will be announced at a virtual event in conjunction with Inman Connect in New York City on January 26, 2022. All reviews for consideration need to be received by Midnight Sunday, 2 January, 2022 (PT) for property transactions throughout 2020 and 2021.

If you missed the 2021 awards, you can watch the replay here.

The awards represent excellent customer service and celebrate agents who have created remarkable client experiences. This is the first industry-wide, brokerage-agnostic awards program based primarily on client satisfaction and quality review data, instead of just transaction and sales volume alone. It’s an important next step in changing the focus to improving the consumer experience and collectively raising the real estate bar together.

Every review you collect now, for properties transacted in 2020 and 2021 will put you in the running for a 2022 award.

Award categories

National Awards
Agent of the Year
Top 100

Regional Awards
Agent of the Year
Top 20

State Awards
Agent of the Year
Top 10

NEW in 2022: County Awards
Agent of the Year
Top 5

NEW in 2022: City Awards
Agent of the Year

Key dates for the 2022 awards

Activate your profile & collect reviews

Review deadline for properties transacted in 2020 & 2021

Category nominees announced

Awards celebration in conjunction with Inman Connect, New York

Harness the power of verified reviews to earn repeat and referral business.

RateMyAgent is a digital marketing platform where great agents harness verified reviews to validate, differentiate and grow business.

From the Basic profile which brings all existing and future reviews together to create a comprehensive view, to the Digital Pro subscription that puts the reviews in front of prospects through social proof, online ads, listing reports, unique landing pages, and much more - that expand that ever-important digital footprint.

Tied directly to the real estate transaction, agents can finally provide transparency and showcase their great service to build trust based on their reputation and relationships.

Awards Leaderboard

The Awards Leaderboard is a new edition to the 2022 awards! This live leaderboard showcases agents who are eligible today to win an award as well as current rankings.

To qualify for a city or county award, agents must have transacted at least 5 properties for the buyer or seller and received at least 5 unique reviews in that area over the previous 2 calendar years.

The three metrics we use to calculate the awards that are shown in the leaderboard are:

Total properties transacted in the last 24 months within the specific awards category

Total verified reviews in the last 24 months within the specific awards category

Your Review/Sales Ratio - this is the percentage of ALL properties transacted over the past 12 months that have at least one positive review attached to them


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